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Conclusion and next steps


Duration: 45 min
  • Where can you learn more about machine learning?

  • Assess how well you understand a machine learning workflow

  • Provide feedback on the workshop

  • Discuss additional machine learning resources

Model Selection

Choosing the proper machine learning model for a given task requires knowledge of both machine learning models and the domain of the task. Finding the best model for a new task in machine learning is often a research question in itself. Finding a model that performs reasonably well, however, can often be accomplished by carefully considering the task domain and a little trial and error with the validation set.

Some of the questions to consider when choosing a model are:

Reviewing a published workflow

We will review a machine learning workflow from a publication to see how well you can identify the major elements that were presented during this workshop.

Post-workshop survey

We greatly appreciate your feedback to help improve this workshop. Please take 10 minutes to complete the post-workshop survey using the link you were provided.

Additional resources

The References page links to additional resources on machine learning concepts and introductory tools. It includes a Jupyter notebook that shows Python code to execute the type of machine learning workflow you ran with the ml4bio software. The Glossary contains definitions of the machine learning terms used in this workshop. You can also use the additional real and simulated datasets that you downloaded to continue exploring how compatible different types of classifiers are with different data patterns.

Key Points

  • You are now prepared to consider how machine learning may benefit your research.

  • There are many excellent introductory and intermediate resources to help you continue to learn about machine learning.