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Processing data with EEGLAB

In this lesson key concepts of processing electroencephalographic (EEG) recordings and Event Related Potententials (ERP) are discussed in the context of working with data in EEGLAB.


  • EEGLAB runs within Matlab so this lesson requires Matlab to be installed. Although some familiarity with Matlab is helpful this lesson does not make assumptions on previous working knowledge of using Matlab at the Command Line.

  • This lesson requires that data is initalized and in the BIDS standard. The steps to download and prepare the data can be found in the BIDS-EEG-EEGLAB tutorial.

  • A recent version of EEGLAB is required for this tutorial and will be downloaded during the BIDS-EEG-EEGLAB tutorial.


Setup Download files required for the lesson
00:00 1. Matlab: need to knows How does one work with data in Matlab?
How to set up the paths in Matlab for EEGLAB
00:00 2. The EEG structure elements Where are the EEG properties stored in EEGLAB’s EEG structure?
How to work with the data array, events, channel coordinates, and ICA related fields
00:00 3. Basic ERP processing How is data loaded into EEGLAB’s EEG structure
How can data be viewed from EEGLAB
How can Event Related Potentials be generated in EEGLAB
00:00 4. Scripting from the history How can processing steps be automated from EEGLAB?
How is interactive use of EEGLAB translated to scripts?
How are scripts executed?
00:00 5. Summarizing EEG data measures across recordings How are group level summaries generated in EEGLAB via the STUDY structure?
Organizing the data for the STUDY structure
Plotting group level ERPs and making comparisons
00:00 6. ICA artifact isolation (removal) How can ICA be used to isolate signal from noise?
What types of EEG artifacts can be isolated with ICA
How are ICA corrections performed?
00:00 7. ICA hypothesis testing How can hypothesis testing be performed on ICs instead of scalp signals?
What tools are available for visualizing ICA ERPs?
How can we examine ICs across subjects in a group analysis?
00:00 Finish

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