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Multiple linear regression for public health: Glossary

Key Points

Linear regression with one continuous and one categorical explanatory variable
  • A scatterplot, with points coloured by the levels of a categorical variable, can be used to explore the relationship between two continuous variables and a categorical variable.

  • The categorical variable can be added to the formula in lm() using a +.

  • The model output shows separate intercepts for the levels of the categorical variable. The slope across the levels of the categorical variable is held constant.

  • Parallel lines can be added to the exploratory scatterplot to visualise the linear regression model.

Linear regression including an interaction between one continuous and one categorical explanatory variable
  • It may be appropriate to include an interaction when the slopes appear to differ across levels of a categorical variable.

  • Replace + by * in the lm() command to add an interaction.

  • When an interaction is included, two coefficients relate to differences between the two levels of a categorical variable - one relates to a difference in the intercept, the other to a difference in the slope.

  • The function interact_plot() can be used to visualise the model.

Making predictions from a multiple linear regression model
  • Predictions of the mean in the outcome variable can be manually calculated using the model’s equation.

  • Predictions of multiple means in the outcome variable alongside 95% CIs can be obtained using the make_predictions() function.

Assessing multiple linear regression model fit and assumptions
  • The adjusted R squared measure ensures that the metric does not increase simply due to the addition of a variable. The variable needs to improve model fit for the adjusted R squared to increase.

  • The same assumptions hold for simple and multiple linear regression, however more steps are involved in the assessment of the assumptions in the context of multiple linear regression.