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High dimensional statistics with R: Data

Prostate cancer data


Prostate specific antigen values and clinical measures for 97 patients hospitalised for a radical prostatectomy. Prostate specimens underwent histological and morphometric analysis. The column names refer to

Methylation data


Illumina Human Methylation data from EPIC on sorted peripheral adult blood cell populations. The data record DNA methylation assays for each individual, which measure, for many sites in the genome, the proportion of DNA that carries a methyl mark (a chemical modification that does not alter the DNA sequence). The methylation assays are recorded as normalised methylation levels (M-values), where negative values correspond to unmethylated DNA and positive values correspond to methylated DNA. The data object also contains phenotypic metadata for each individual such as age and BMI. Precisely, the data object contains:

Horvath data


Methylation markers across different age groups. The CpGmarker variable used in this lesson are CpG site encodings.

Breast cancer gene expression data


Gene expression data showing microarray results for different probes used to examine gene expression profiles in 91 different breast cancer patient samples and metdata for the sampled patients.

Single-cell RNA sequencing data


Gene expression measurements for over 9000 genes in over 3000 mouse cortex and hippocampus cells. These data are an excerpt of the original source.