Introduction to R and RStudio

  • Use RStudio to write and run R programs.
  • Create and start an R-project
  • Use install.packages() to install packages (libraries).
  • Use the here package to access project files

Visualisation with ggplot2Setting valuesGeometrical objects

  • Read data into R
  • Use ggplot2 to create different types of plots

Subsetting data with dplyrWrap-up

  • Subsetting rows and columns
  • Using tidyselectors
  • Understanding logical operations

Data sorting and pipes dplyrWrap-up

Data visualisation and scalesPiping into ggplotAdding colourChanging colourChanging the overall lookWrap up

Data manipulation with dplyrAdding new variables,Wrap up

Reshaping data with tidyrCreating longer dataWrap up

Data summaries with dplyrMotivation

Complex data pipelinesMotivation

Data manipulation across columns