This lesson is still being designed and assembled (Pre-Alpha version)

Introduction to MarkDown: Glossary

Key Points

  • Determine what you want to use MarkDown for

  • Find a suitable MarkDown editor

  • Determine whether the editor needs installing

Creating a Markdown Document in HedgeDoc
  • Create a new document on HedgeDoc

Adding plain text, bold and italics
  • Adding text to a MarkDown document.

  • # is used for headings.

  • * is used for italic and bold text.

Creating Lists
  • You can use -, + or * at the very beginning of the line to create an unordered list.

  • You can use a digit followed by a fullstop, eg. 1. to create a numbered list

  • You can create a list with tickboxes by using - [ ]

Adding Links and Images
  • Use [] and () to add images and links

Adding Code With Syntax Highlighting
  • Using back quotes for code

Tables, Block quotes and Horizontal Lines
  • Tables, block quotes and horizontal lines