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Introduction to MarkDown

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00:00 1. Introduction What is MarkDown?
Where can I use MarkDown?
00:00 2. Creating a Markdown Document in HedgeDoc How do I create a new Markdown document?
00:00 3. Adding plain text, bold and italics How do I add text to a MarkDown document?
How can I make different levels of headings?
How do I make text bold?
How do I format text as italic?
How do I format text as bold and italic
00:00 4. Creating Lists How can I create bullet (unordered) lists?
How can I create numbered lists?
How can I create todo lists?
00:00 5. Adding Links and Images How does one add a link?
How does one add an image?
How does one add an image that is also a link?
00:00 6. Adding Code With Syntax Highlighting How does one add code?
How does one add syntax highlighting for a specific language?
00:00 7. Tables, Block quotes and Horizontal Lines How does one create a table?
How can one draw a line between sections across a page?
How does one create a block quote?
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