Summary and Setup

This is a new lesson built with The Carpentries Workbench.

Software Setup

You can watch the YouTube video tutorial for complete instructions.

    • Note that if you have separate user and admin accounts, you should run the installers as administrator (right-click on .exe file and select “Run as administrator” instead of double-clicking). Otherwise problems may occur later, for example when installing R packages.

Follow the video tutorial for detailed instructions.


sudo apt-get install r-base
sudo dnf install R

There are some extra things to install for all operating systems.

Please install the RStudio IDE. It is the user interface towards R, and is required for this workshop.

Lastly, you will need to install two packages to join the workshop, namely the {tidyverse} and {palmerpenguins} packages. You can do this by opening RStudio, and in the panel labelled “console” (usually in the bottom left corner), type the following:


install.packages(c("tidyverse", "palmerpenguins"))