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Building Documentation with Sphinx


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  • How can I make my documentation more accessible

  • Build a documentation website with sphinx

  • Add overview documentation

  • Distribute a sphinx documentation site

Sphinx is a tool for building documentation.

What does sphinx produce?


In a group, have each member open one of the following packages’ documentation

Discuss what the common components are, what is helpful about these documentation sites, how they address the general concepts on documentation, how they’re similar and how they’re different.


these all use sphinx to generate them?

Sphinx quicksetup

FIXME: guide through setup and what options mean

Adding literal documentation

FIXME: RST overview

FIXME: adding pages

API Documentation

Add an api line to the indnex.rst so that it has a link to it.

The create an API.rst file:

API documentation

Key Points

  • Building documentation into a website is a common way of distributing it

  • Sphinx will auto build a website from plain text files and your docstrings