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Introduction to Data Python Data Analysis Projects


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  • What are common features of a project?

  • What do I need to do to get my project shared?

  • What will this lesson cover

  • Categorize pieces of code and organize them for efficient future use

  • Identify components of a complete project

This episode will introduce the various tools that will be taught throughout the lesson and how the components relate to one another. This will set the foundation and motivation for the lesson.

A Data Analysis Project


In small groups, describe all of the steps you might go through in developing a project, how it could work, and the things you want your project to do. Then discuss problems you anticipate or have had.


The rest of the episode adds them

Workflows, project stages, and common challenges

Data and Code



Why do good practices matter?

Lots of things can work and following “best” practices can take a lot of extra time. Why should we follow them and seek them?

Key Points

  • Projects have common structures

  • Packaging enables a project to be installed

  • An environment allows different people to all have the same versions and run software more reliably

  • Documentation is an essential component of nay complete project and should exist with the code