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Managing Python Environments with Conda


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  • How can I make sure the whole team (or lab) gets the same results?

  • How can I simplify setup and dependencies for people to use my code or reproduce my results?

  • Identify an environment, dependencies, and an environment manager

  • Use conda to install a different version of python

  • Use conda to create an environment per project

  • Store a projects dependencies

Environments and environment managers

An environment consists of a certain Python version and some packages

Why use one:

how to chose which of the main strategies to use: virtualenv and pip or conda


Conda Python installs

Conda for projects

Key Points

  • A python dependency is another, independent package that a given project uses and requires to be able to run

  • An environment is

  • An environment manager enables one step installing and documentation of dependencies, including versions

  • Conda is the included environment manager with Anaconda; it is also an installer

  • Other popular environment managers are FIXME