History of a project


Teaching: 5 min
Exercises: 5 min
  • How to trace the story of your project?

  • Check the changes of each commit in the commit history

The story of your project

One of the advantages of using version control with regular and properly defined commits is that you get a history of your project. You can check the history (the series of commits) both online on GitHub as well as in Rstudio.

In Rstudio, click on history in the Git pane:

View history

Git history versus command history

Notice the presence of History twice in the previous image:

  • As a separate pane (your R command history): this has nothing to do with Git
  • Within the Git pane (the history of your commit messages)

You can click on each of the commits to verify the adaptations that were part of the specific commit:

View history commits changes

Check project history online

  1. On the webpage of your repository, check the commit history by clicking the commits tab.
  2. Why is this different to the local history?

Key Points

  • Click history in the Git pane to see the project history