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Introduction to artificial neural networks in Python: Glossary

Key Points

  • Algorithms can be used to detect disease in chest X-rays.

  • In NumPy, RGB images are usually stored as 3-dimensional arrays.

Data preparation
  • Data augmentation can help to avoid overfitting.

Neural networks
  • Dense layers, also known as fully connected layers, are an important building block in most neural network architectures. In a dense layer, each neuron is connected to every neuron in the preceeding layer.

  • Dropout is a method that helps to prevent overfitting by temporarily removing neurons from the network.

  • The Rectified Linear Unit (ReLU) is an activation function that outputs an input if it is positive, and outputs zero if it is not.

  • Convolutional neural networks are typically used for imaging tasks.

Training and evaluation
  • During the training process we iteratively update the model to minimise error.

  • Saliency maps are a popular form of explainability for imaging models.

  • Saliency maps should be used cautiously.