This lesson is in the early stages of development (Alpha version)

Programming with Julia: Glossary

Key Points

  • Julia is a just-in-time compiled language

  • Julia packages compose well

Using the REPL
  • The REPL reads the given input, evaluates the given expression and prints the resulting output to the user.

  • Pressing ? enters help mode.

  • Pressing ; enters shell mode.

  • Pressing ] enters pkg mode.

Julia type system
  • In Julia types have only one direct supertype.

Using the package manager
  • Find packages on JuliaHub

  • add packages using pkg> add

  • use many small environments rather than one big environment

Write functions!
  • You can think of functions being a collection of methods

  • Keep the number of positional arguments low

  • Macros transform Julia expressions

Control flow
  • Interfaces are informal

  • Use for loops for a known number of iterations and while loops for an unknown number of iterations.

  • Julia packages compose nicely.

Using Modules
  • Modules introduce namespaces

  • Public API has to be documented and can be exported

Creating Packages
  • The general registry is hosted on GitHub.

  • Packaging is easy

Adding tests
  • Tests are important