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Programming with Julia


Melissa and her schoolmates built a trebuchet in their physics club. In their first tests they experienced that aiming it is not that easy and intuitive, so they are planning to write a program that automatically aims their trebuchet given the distance of the target and the velocity of the wind.

As for the programming language, they chose Julia since it has state-of-the-art packages for this task and they also read it composes very well. Unfortunately nobody knows this language already, so they have to learn it from scratch.


You need to understand the concepts of files and directories as well as arrays and indices.

It is beneficial to have some programming experience in another language.

This lesson requires Julia 1.6 or greater


Setup Download files required for the lesson
00:00 1. Introduction What is Julia?
Why use Julia?
00:05 2. Using the REPL How to use the REPL?
00:25 3. Julia type system What is the use of types?
How are types organized in Julia?
00:45 4. Using the package manager Where do I find packages?
How do I add packages?
How can I use packages?
01:05 5. Write functions! How do I call a function?
Where can I find help about using a function?
What are methods?
01:25 6. Control flow What are for and while loops?
How to use conditionals?
What is an interface?
03:25 7. Using Modules What’s the purpose of modules?
03:40 8. Creating Packages How to create a package?
04:10 9. Adding tests What are unit tests?
How are tests organized in Julia?
04:50 Finish

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