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Frictionless Data for Agricultural Research

Frictionless Data is a progressive framework for building data infrastructure. Frictionless can do:

Frictionless allows you to describe datasets as a collection of one or more data tables, each having rows and columns, using a straightforward syntax. A described dataset can then be packaged and distributed as Frictionless Tabular Data Package.

This lesson aims to teach researchers the basic concepts and skills for using the Frictionless Data format to describe and package tabular data. The lesson uses a tabular dataset for an agricultural field experiment and teaches data description and metadata and data manipulation using the Frictionless Python modules.

After completing this lesson you will:

  1. Understand the concept and structure of a Frictionless Tabular Data Package
  2. Understand how Frictionless Data relates to FAIR Data
  3. Use Python to describe tables and columns
  4. Use Python to create a Frictionless Data Package
  5. Use Python to read a data package

This lesson uses example data from Agricultural field experiments and is directly relevant to agricultural scientists and ecologists.

Before you start

Before starting the training make sure you have completed the lesson set-up.


This lesson requires Python 3.x.

A Jupyter Notebook is recommended for following the lesson exercises and saving work.

You should be familiar with CSV, tabular data and have an understanding of JSON.


Setup Download files required for the lesson
00:00 1. Introducing Frictionless Data What will I learn during this workshop?
What are the tools that I will be using?
How will learning to use Frictionless Data benefit me?
00:00 2. Frictionless Data and FAIR Data How does Frictionless Data relate to FAIR Data?
00:00 3. Frictionless Tables What is a Frictionless Table Schema?
How can I create and edit a Frictionless Table Schema?
00:00 4. Frictionless Tables - Primary and Foreign Keys How can I create or show relationships between tables in my dataset?
00:00 5. Frictionless Data Package What is a Frictionless Data Package?
How can I create a Frictionless Data Package?
What can I do with a Frictionless Data Package?
00:00 6. Transforming Frictionless Data .to do
00:00 Finish

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