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  • Where can you find out more about machine learning?

  • To learn more about machine learning

Other algorithms

There are many other machine learning algorithms that might be suitable for helping to answer your research questions.

The Scikit Learn webpage has a good overview of all the features available in the library.

Ensemble Learning

Ensemble Learning is a technique which combines multiple machine learning algorithms together to improve results. A popular ensemble technique is Random Forest which creates a “forest” of decision trees and then tries to prune it down to the most effective ones. Its a flexible algorithm that can work both as a regression and a classification system. See the article Random Forest Simple Explanation for more information.

Genetic Algorithms

Genetic algorithms are a technique which tries to mimic biological evolution. They will learn to solve a problem through a gradual process of simulated evolution. Each generation is mutated slightly and then evaluated with a fitness function, the fittest “genes” will then be selected for the next generation. Sometimes this is combined with neural networks to change the network’s size structure.

This video shows a genetic algorithm evolving neural networks to play a video game.

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Key Points

  • This course has only touched on a few areas of machine learning.

  • Machine learning is a large and growing field.

  • This course is designed to teach you just enough to do something useful.

  • Machine learning is a rapidly developing field and new tools and techniques are constantly appearing.