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00:00 1. Introduction What is an integrated development editor and why should I use it?
Why you learn to program by programming
00:10 2. Editor What are the expected features in an IDE editor?
00:20 3. Interactive Terminal What does the terminal/console do for me?
00:30 4. Variable Explorer What does Spyder’s Variable Explorer do for me?
00:40 5. File Explorer What does Spyder’s File Explorer do for me?
00:45 6. Debugging Why do we need to debug our programs?
What is the basic debugging procedure and what are the features that allow me to do it?
01:10 7. Static Code Analysis What is the purpose of performing a static or linting analysis of my code?
01:20 8. Profiling What is the point of profiling our code and how do we do it?
01:30 9. Projects What is the purpose of using projects in an IDE?
How to create and use a project in an IDE?
01:50 10. Find and Replace Key question (FIXME)
02:00 11. Git integration Key question (FIXME)
02:15 12. Testing Key question (FIXME)
02:35 Finish

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