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  • What is the UiO studyGroup?

  • What can I expect from the StudyGroup?

  • Learn about the UiO studyGroup


We are meeting on Fridays from 14:00-16:00. Check our event calendar.

NIRD toolkit

When working with real data, you will be very quickly hit by the lack of computing power and storage. Using GPUs will then become useful.

If you are working in a University in Norway, you can inquire for national computing resources and storage. These resources are managed at a national level by Sigma-2.

In addition, Sigma-2 offers a number of additional services as part of the NIRD toolkit, and in particular offers the possibility to deploy your own jupyter notebooks or jupyterhub online and linked to large storage. You can configure your jupyter instance to use GPUs.

Key Points

  • studyGroup@UiO

  • NIRD toolkit