This lesson is still being designed and assembled (Pre-Alpha version)

Working with EEGLAB and EEG-BIDS: Setup

Download and install Matlab

You will need a fairly recent version of Matlab (procedure tested on Matlab 2012b and newer versions). For detailed installation instructions, click here.

Obtain lesson materials

  1. Download the Face13 tutorial dataset from this google drive.
  2. Download the initalization suite from this google drive
  3. Create a folder called Face13 on your Desktop.
  4. Move the downloaded folders to Face13.
  5. Unzip the folders.

You should see two folders called sourcedata and code in the Face13 directory on your Desktop. The sourcedata folder contains the EEG data and standard montages that are used during initialization. The code folder contains a version of EEGLAB and the necessary scripts to intialize the data into a BIDS compliant folder structure.